If your capture card looks like this, please continue.

Link: macOS Sierra / High Sierra users, click here.

Step 1: Download RECentral Software

Step 2: Download echo1612 Software

Run the installer and open the echo1612 app on the desktop.

  • Drag the echo1612 folder onto your desktop.
  • Run the echo app from inside the folder on your desktop.
  • (Please do not delete the files inside the echo folder)

(Note: If you see this warning, right click (or control+click) the app and click open, it will only ask you this once)

Step 3: Download and Print the Setup Guide

Step 4: Make sure your Firewall is disabled

Step 5: Review the Antenna Instructions

Step 6: (Optional) Two Camera System Setup Guide


Install Video

Setup Router Video

Multi Angle Setup Video