macOS Sierra 10.12.6 Update for the T75 System.

**September 21, 2017 Update**

This is still experimental

Note:  If RECentral crashes, unplug capture card from computer and plug back in.

Note:  If Clips get stuck downloading, force quit echo application and relaunch.

We need to install the updated RECentral application.

Download and move RECentral into your Applications folder.

Next go into your applications folder and Right Click RECentral.  Select Open.

(If you do not right click and select open, then macOS will complain that RECentral is from an unidentified developer)

  • Open RECentral.
  • Plugin your Capture Card and Camera.
  • Go into RECentral Settings (Press Gear Button, and then Enter).
  • Goto Capture Tab.
  • Under Config Profile click the Gear button.
  • Click Add (we are making a new profile).
  • Enter the name echo1612.
  • Now change the Video Bitrate to 5 Mbps.
  • Now change the Framerate to 30.
  • Now press the Save button next to the Gear button.
  • Close the Preferences Window.
  • Click the Recording Circle on RECentral to change into recording mode.

(If you do not see your camera, try pressing the white square button in the top right of RECentral)

Step 2, Download echo1612

  • Download echo1612.
  • After downloading, open the zip file to extract the echo1612-mac folder.
  • Drag the folder to your desktop.
  • Open the folder, drag echo out of the folder and onto your desktop.
  • Drag echo back into the folder.
  • (We are resetting a macOS's sandbox protection).
  • Now open echo and enter your license key.

Step 3, Allow echo to communicate to RECentral

  • Open System Preferences, tap the Apple symbol in the to left of your screen.  Select System Preferences.
  • Open Security & Privacy on the first row of preferences.
  • Change to the Privacy tab.
  • Select Accessibility on the left side.
  • Unlock this window if needed, press the Lock icon in the bottom left, enter your password if needed.
  • Drag the echo app from inside the echo1612-Mac folder into the Accessibility window.  It will either add an application named, nwjs, echo, or echo1612.  As long as one is created we can communicate with RECentral.
  • Close System Preferences.

Step 4, Test echo

Open the echo app and select the Devices tab.  Click Start/Stop Recording and wait a few seconds, RECentral should start recording.  If it doesn't, make sure echo is added to Accessibility in Step 3 above.

Issues with the new version

  • If both angles are not communicating to each other rebooting the computer and unplug the camera and capture card from each other.
  • On secondary computers, leaving RECentral open in the foreground worked best.
  • Once the systems were up and connected, they were stable, however the first few minutes can require a few restarts/app closes/etc.