Issue:  After patching the T100, the status light doesn't come on when booting.

Cause:  T100 storage is full.

Remedy:  Run the latest patch again (updated 10/12/16) via instructions below.

Things you will need:  T100, Laptop, 2 Ethernet Cables, Echo Router, Battery, Home Internet Router

Run this update from your home router.  School networks can cause this patch to FAIL.


Step 1:  Plug an ethernet cable into your echo router's MODEM port

Step 2:  Plug the other end of that ethernet cable into your Home Internet router. (Any port except Modem)

Step 3:  Connect echo router to battery, and power ON

Step 4:  Connect T100 to echo router (Port 1)

Step 5:  Power ON T100

Step 6:  Connect laptop to echo router wifi

Step 7:  On the laptop goto:

Step 8:  Login: admin Pass: admin

Step 9:  Look for the IP Address of the T100

Step 10:  Go to http:// IP ADDRESS OF T100 :9997

Step 11:  Type in latest (all lowercase)

Step 12:  The patch will run and the status light should appear again.

Step 13:  Reboot the T100 to verify the status light is on.

Be sure to run a few TEST clips after running your patch to ensure you are good to go!