• Is sideline replay legal?  echo1612 is legal if your school uses NFHS Rules. The 2013 NFHS Football Rules, rule states: USE OF COMMUNICATION DEVICES EXPANDED (1-6): The committee has expanded use of communication devices to allow, coaches, players and nonplayers to use any form of available communication technology during authorized conferences outside the 9-yard marks (7-yard marks in nine-, eight- and six-player competition), on the sidelines and during the halftime intermission period. Use of communication devices by players except during conferences outside the 9-yard marks continues to be prohibited.
  • Does using the echo sideline replay system replace hudl?  No. Using echo sideline replay is an in-game process that simply allows you to see your camera feed on the sideline and in the booth to allow in-game adjustments.
  • How many people are needed to run the system?  You only need one person to run the echo system.  This person is designated as your “echo manager.”
  • Who should be running the echo system?  Preferably a non-varsity coach, player, or student manager should be designated as your “echo manager.”

System Requirements

  • What are the system requirements?  Users will want to use an HD camera to film their games with and because of the processing speed should also use at least an iPad Air or newer.
  • What if I play in a large college-style stadium with more than 15,000 people?  For users that frequently play in large stadium setting with a very large fan base we suggest using our Large Stadium wireless kits that provides for even stronger coverage than our normal wireless system.

System Setup

  • How do I setup the system?  T100 System setups are covered extensively in their respective user guides.  See (T100 Single System Setup User Guide) and (T100 Double System Setup User Guide).  See Also (T100 Quick Setup)
  • How long does it take to setup?  Setup takes approximately 3 minutes.
  • How do I setup my long range (white panel) antenna?  The long range antenna should be anchored to a tripod or other sturdy structure and connected to the router.  See (echo Wireless Network User Guide).
  • Can I use additional long range (white panel) antennas?  Yes you can purchase additional long range antennas to hook up to the back of your router.  Note: You must have at least antenna stick screwed into the back of the router.


  • What do the green LEDs on the T100 mean?  There are two green LEDs on the front of the T100.
    • Power:  Solid Green indicates the T100 is receiving power from its battery source.
    • Status:  Solid Green indicates the T100 is ready for recording.  Rapid Blinking Green indicates file download is in progress to USB flash drive.
  • What does the orange LED on the T100 mean?  There is one orange LED on the front of the T100.  A solid orange light indicates that the T100 is currently recording.  Rapid orange blinking indicates that the T100 is finished exporting clips to flash drive.  See (How do I export to hudl/krossover?)
  • Can I use my T100 in the rain?  Yes.  The T100 is water resistant with an IP67 rating.
  • Can I hook a TV or monitor up to my T100?  Yes.  You can connect a TV or endzone monitor by simply plugging an HDMI cable into the TV/Monitor and the “HDMI Out” port.
  • Do I need to configure my T100?  No.  The T100 has been pre-configured so that it is not necessary for you to do any system configuration (including multiple system use).


  • How do I connect to the echo network?  It is very easy to connect to the echo network.  Plug in ethernet cable between the T100 and Port 1 on your router.  Connect your iPads by going to your iPads settings and selecting the echo network and input password.  See (echo Wireless Network User Guide).
  • How long does it take for a replay clip to show on my iPad?  Clips will generally show up 5-10 seconds after a clip has been captured.
  • Do I need Internet access?  Internet access is NOT required.  We like to say you can run this system in the middle of the desert!
  • Do I need 4G data plans for my iPads?  No.  You do not need 4G Data for your iPads.  That would get expensive!  All of your data is transferred through your echo router.
  • How many iPads can we use at the same time?  You can use an unlimited number of iPads with your echo system with the caveat being the more iPads you connect the slower your network can be.  Note:  We have heard of 9 iPads being used at once without any noticeable difference in network speed.
  • Which echo network is better to use; echo 5 or echo 2?  The echo 5 network is the network that you want to use during football season.  The echo 2 network will be disrupted by most wireless headsets used by schools since they are communicating on the 2.4Ghz network.  You can use echo 2 for other school sports that are not using headsets.

echo1612 iPad App

  • How do I run the echo system from an iPad?  Use “Video Producer” mode.  Found by choosing the “+” dropdown in the top right corner of the echo1612 app.
  • How do I record clips?  You have two options to record clips onto your T100.
    • Option 1:  Push the “Record” button on the front of your T100.
    • Option 2:  Press the “Start/Stop” button in “Video Producer” mode in the echo1612 app.
  • How do I delete clips?  Choose the settings icon dropdown in the top right corner of the echo1612 app and select the last option “Delete All Clips” (labeled in red font).
  • How do I ODK?  Users can ODK during the play or after.
    • ODK During Play:  Users can ODK in “Producer Mode”
    • ODK After Play:  Select the ODK icon.  See (“?” In the top right corner of the app)
  • How do I tag clips?  Select the Tag icon.  See (“?” In the top right corner of the app)
  • How do I enter a play or formation?  Select the Play/Formation icon.  See (“?” In the top right corner of the app)
  • How do I draw on the screen?  Select the Draw icon.  See (“?” In the top right corner of the app)
  • How do I filter plays?  Select the Filters option in the top left corner of the app.
  • How do I turn on “day mode”?  Select the Settings dropdown.  Select “Day Mode.”
  • How do I turn on “loop clips”?  Select the Settings dropdown.  Select “Loop Clips”.
  • How do I connect my iPad to a TV?  Use an Apple Lightning cable to HDMI adapter.
  • How do I know which echo1612 app version I am using?  Select the Settings dropdown.  The very last line on the right side will display the app version number.  (e.g. v2.15.10)
  • How do I film with an iPad?  Select the “+” dropdown.  Select iPad Camera (Start).
  • What does a black clip mean on the iPad?  Black clips on the iPad indicate that the camera is not properly connected.
  • What do the different colors on the clips mean?  After entering ODK data, clips will display color coding.  Offense = Green.  Defense = Blue.  Special Teams = Yellow.  Current Play View = Red.
  • How do I watch my clips on the TV without the echo interface?  Users can turn “TV Mode” on to wipe all interface content off of the TV screen.  Select Settings dropdown.  Select “TV Mode.”

Export Clips

  • How do I export to hudl/krossover?  You can easily export all of your clips by connecting a USB flash drive to the front USB port on the T100 and downloading.  See (Export To hudl/krossover User Guide)
  • Can I hook a computer up to my T100?  No.  Do not hook your computer up directly to a T100.  Export is easily done with a USB flash drive.  See (Export To hudl/krossover User Guide)