Problem: Computer doesn’t have 5ghz wifi radio

Solution: Connect computer to router with cat5/ethernet cable

Why doesn't my computer see echo 5?

  • The router has two physical radio chips inside it, 2GHZ and 5GHZ.
  • Most headsets use 2GHZ so we recommend only using 5GHZ
  • If your computer doesn’t echo 5 and only sees echo 2 then that means your computer might not have the 5GHZ radio chip inside
  • In this case, we recommend connecting your computer to the router using a cat5/ethernet cable


  • Connect computer to router with cat5/ethernet cable

  • Turn off WiFi on computer

    • Mac - Top right of screen, click wifi button, turn off WIFI

    • PC - Look for a physical button, toggle switch or FN+ combo button to turn it off

      • When you are connected with cat5 it might say the network is called echo 2, thats ok because the router is named echo 2

  • Once the computer is connected to the router, open the echo 1612 computer app and check the IP address in the help tab

  • It should read if it is something different, you are probably connected to another network.

    • By default the amped wireless routers use but I’ve had a few that were programmed to

    • The biggest thing to look for here is (that means they are connected to another wifi network)

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