We want to configure the router to port forward echo so an iPad on another network can access the clips.

Set client to static IP address to communicate.

In browser goto

Set Router Wizard to WAN+2LAN2

Reboot Router

*Move Client port to ETH1*

(Optional) Change Router to 192.168.99.x

Dashboard > DHCP > Add DHCP Server - 253

Router .1

DNS .1


Old DHCP Lan Server > Actions > Disable

Dashboard > 7/7 Entry change Local Switch0 > Action > Config

Change Address to


Change client IP address to DHCP

Reboot Router (Unplug Power from Router required)

Change Browser to

Set T100 as Static IP

Plug in T100 to ETH2 (Put label on port)

Dashboard > DHCP > View Leases

Map Static IP

Change T100 to


Reboot T100

Dashboard > Firewall > Port Forwarding

Wan: eth0

Lan: switch0


1612, 9999, 9998 for


Enable POE for any wireless ports

Plug School Network port into ETH0

Find the IP address and try entering it as static in the iOS app