Download the App for your iPhone/iPad

  1. Connect to Wifi with internet or cell service.
  2. Download the T100 updater App.
  3. Open App.
  4. Tap Select Update.
  5. Select 2018-2019 Football season Update (or one of the development builds if instructed by Tech Support).
  6. Download the update and select Use this Update.
  7. Connect iPhone/iPad to echo 5 wifi.
  8. Select your T100.
    • If you do not see a T100 listed
      1. Verify your T100 is powered on with both power and status lights.
      2. Verify T100 is plugged into router (not modem port).
      3. Close all apps on device by double tapping home button and swiping up on the apps.  Then open the updater again.  (Fixes it most of the time).
      4. If you do not have a status light, try finding your T100 IP address and entering it manually.
  9. Select Run Update.
  10. Once it says Complete restart your T100.