Mac Users Note *OSX El Capitan and newer have issues, we do not recommend using these version of macOS*

System Requirements

  • iPad 2 or newer
    • (iPad Mini with Retina or iPad Air recommended)
  • PC or Mac
    • 2GHZ or greater (intel i7 recommended)
    • 4GB ram
    • 60GB of free space (each game can be between 1GB and 5GB)
    • Windows 7/8 or OSX Lion or Greater
    • 5GHZ WiFi radio or an Ethernet/cat5 Port

Recommended Laptops

Additional Laptop Power - If your battery can't last the entire game

Camera Requirements

  • HDMI port (we support any size, please let us know if you have a MICRO hdmi port and we'll get you the proper adapters)

  • Note, if your camera only has RCA out (older endzone cameras) then you can request a free SD conversion kit from our support team.  This will allow you to connect RCA to the echo system.
  • HDMI Passthrough - this means your camera will display video out of the HDMI port while it is turned on.  Some older or cheaper cameras do not have the capability, in that case you need to try using a SD conversion kit, or try getting a new camera.
  • Battery - you need your camera to last the game

Recommended Cameras

  • These change all the time, but here are the ones I recommend today.
  • Sony HDRCX240/B - $299 (Discontinued)
  • Sony HDRCX405 - $228.99
  • Sony HDRCX440 - $248

Known Incompatible Cameras

  • Let us know if you have a model that doesn't support HDMI passthrough
  • Samsung F90 - $179 (Incompatible)